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Best Baby Boomers Online Community is an interesting new website directed towards those of us who are on “the other side of 50.” The website is divided into sections. Each section has many important items of interest for baby boomers and others.


The Financial Fitness Section in particular has content that those of us approaching retirement or already retired will find very helpful, including articles on Senior Financial Planning, and overall financial planning, a retirement calculator. There are frequent analyses of market conditions and an overview of the stock market in general from very experienced fund managers. If you want to know what is happening to the markets in Europe while you’re sleeping, check the Forum in the Financial Section for a daily update.


Financial Planning is very important for those approaching retirement; that’s one of the reasons why is a Top Baby Boomer Online Community. Baby Boomers and older Seniors are resonating to this site and enjoying the Financial Fitness Section as well as our other Senior Forums.

Senior Forums, Financial Planning, Green Issues, Senior Book Club, Health & Wellness, Autism Awareness and More


Other sections of the website include Family Dynamics, Family Counseling, Celebrity Profiles, Green Issues, information for Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens Traveling Abroad, Senior Arts, and Volunteer Work. There’s a Health and Wellness section that has videos and articles on Senior Medical issues as well as Health Wellness issues for baby boomers as well as the elderly. Watch the Hartmann Foundation’s video on Parkinson’s Disease and discover what’s being done to find a cure. If you have an autistic child or grandchild, you will find videos and articles of interest to you. In addition, we donate profits from the sale of some products in our E-store, to a non-profit grandparents group that works to support autistic children.


In the Style and Beauty Section Kiki, a talented hair dresser discusses curly hair styles, as well as hair styles generally. Should you color your hair or go gray? Watch her video and learn from Kiki. Enjoy cooking? Check out our recipes, especially around holiday time. Is there such a thing as Senior Arts, or is art something that people of all ages enjoy? Learn about an art gallery in Woodstock or the wonderful exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum and the Nueue Museum in New York.


Are you an animal lover? Help us find homes for Shelter dogs, which is to say dogs living in animal shelters. A pet can be a wonderful companion for people in the retirement community.


For baby boomers, seniors and others who enjoy learning,, is creating a buzz. There may be other book clubs on the web, but our book club is great; most especially our book reviews on current books that you will enjoy reading. Join the website; add your comments to the conversations. You will keep coming back for more.

Baby Boomers and older seniors love to go to the movies.  Be sure to follow our latest  MOVIE REVIEWS in the Arts and Entertainment section.

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The TOS50 E-store is one of the newer additions to the TOS50 website.  Our AUTISM BRACELETS continue to be the site's best seller.  That makes all of us here at TOS50 very happy, since a large percentage of the money you pay for the price of the autism bracelets is donated to a program for special needs children.

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