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Children Should Not Be Targets

Children Should Not Be Targets

We don't bring children into this world to become sitting ducks for psychopaths.  Of course, that's why it is so upsetting to see our children targeted in schools and malls and other venues they attend in order to learn or seek recreation.  Clearly, one way to prevent this from happening in the United States is to  change the laws regarding gun ownership.  In this regard, thank you Michael Bloomberg for all you are doing.  WE MUST ALL band together and write to our representatives in Washington -- tell them that it's time to stand up for decency and vote in favor of our children. 

The same idea, of course, is true around the world.  Kidnapping teenagers living on the West Bank in Israel is a heinous crime that should be protested in the strongest possible manner.  These children did not start the conflicts that their parents are involved in, they are the casualties of it.  Israel must find these victims and bring their kidnappers to justice.  It's important for the perpetrators to understand when they have crossed over that red line that  marks them as the most abhorrent of human beings.  In the holy war they may believe they are fighting, they are the most unholy!

The following is a suggested prayer from the Reform Movement in Israel:

May this prayer and supplication
be heard by You,
the Eternal our God and God of our ancestors.
May the kidnapped boys, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel
be returned home, in peace and in full health,
to their families and loved ones.
Help and sustain all those entrusted
with the task of finding the captives,
removing them from danger
and returning them to safety.  
We pray that you hear our voices
and the prayers of all
who seek peace and justice,
life and loving-kindness.
Praised are You, O God,
who redeems the captives.






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