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Innocent Victims

Innocent Victims

Israel is once again sitting in the center of a violent storm.  As if it wasn't horrible enough to have 3 teenagers kidnapped and murdered by Hamas for no apprent reason, an East Jerusalem teenager, Muhammed Abu Khader has also been murdered.  The EU has condemned the murder while asking both Israelis and Palestinians to curb the level of violence. The murder of children is reprehensible, no matter who is responsible.  It's difficult to understand how the extremists on both sides don't understand that.  Hopefully, saner minds will begin to prevail sooner rather than later.

From Reuters - by Ruth Eglash

After Israeli police discovered a body believed to be 16-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Abu Khieder, violent clashes broke out Wednesday between angry Palestinians and Israeli forces.

JERUSALEM — The abduction and suspected revenge killing of an Arab youth sparked intense clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem on Wednesday, raising the specter of wider violence two days after three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were found dead in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli police said late Wednesday that they had yet to confirm the circumstances of 16-year-old Mohammad Abu Khieder’s disappearance or the identity of a badly burned body found in a forested area of Jerusalem, but Israeli news media, citing anonymous security officials, said authorities had determined that Khieder was probably killed by Jews in a “nationalistic crime.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for restraint as he convened his security cabinet for the third straight night to discuss a response to the kidnappings and killings. Israel has blamed the slaying of the Israeli teens on the militant Islamist group Hamas, and on Wednesday, Palestinian leaders accused extremist Jewish settlers of killing Khieder.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused settlers of “killing and burning a little boy.” He demanded, in a statement, that Israel “hold the killers accountable.”

As reports of the Palestinian teen’s death spread, street battles broke out between security forces and residents from the youth’s neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which has been annexed by Israel. Palestinian protesters hurled firebombs and stones at Israeli police officers and soldiers and smashed and set fire to transit stops in the neighborhood. Israeli forces responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke grenades. Clashes were continuing Wednesday night but had calmed somewhat, witnesses said.



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