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President Obama and Me

President Obama and Me

I voted for President Obama twice.  I have no regrets about that since given my political views, I don’t really see that I had a choice.  I am happy with much of what President Obama has accomplished, most notably the Affordable Care Act.  I have a son who could not get health insurance due to a pre-existing condition, and that problem has now been corrected.  Granted, it was not without obstacles along the way and certainly there’s room for improvement on how to run this program more efficiently, but I am hopeful that will happen sooner rather than later, and at least health insurance is now available for every citizen, which is the way it should be.  Thank you, Mr. President for this accomplishment.

I am also happy that President Obama has brought many of our soldiers home from a war we never should have been involved in to begin with.  The war, of course, did not begin under this Administration’s watch.  Apparently the last Administration did not understand the risks they were taking when they sent our soldiers to fight in the Middle East, knowing little about the culture they were getting involved in – a culture we’re still learning about the hard way – although conversations with members of the Israeli IDF could have taught our leaders a lot.

I have been unhappy with President Obama’s handling of the peace negotiations in the Middle East – or perhaps we might say, until recently, his lack of interest thereof.  However, I admit that that hasn’t bothered me especially since I didn’t see anyone on the Palestinian side of the Green Line who was in a position to discuss peace in a meaningful way; so although I was not happy at what appeared to be this Administration’s lack of interest in moving peace talks forward, I sort of believed that if a stronger Palestinian leader should appear on the scene, peace negotiations would be back on the table.  I am forever an optimist.

Unlike some of his predecessors who enjoyed speaking out loud and clear on many issues, President Obama has been rather understated.  His critics, thus, have had much to say about what they view as his insufficient action in various arenas – i.e. Syria.  I’ve had mixed feelings about that; after all, if our experienced negotiators are working behind the scenes, that can be more effective than bombing and killing innocent people.

However, kidnapping a blameless child is a heinous crime that should be dealt with immediately.  When the President of the United States speaks, people around the world listen.  One day after President Obama singled out the Nigerian Islamist group Boco Haram in a speech at West Point, the President of Nigeria vowed to wage “total war” against this group of terrorists.  The President did what he should have done in that circumstance.  However, three teenagers have been kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists who are part of Hamas and President Obama has chosen to remain silent.  Whether kidnapping involves one child or 200 young girls, kidnapping of children is a horrendous crime that warrants prompt action at any time, under any circumstances. 

Over the last six years I have become quite adept at rationalizing President Obama’s behavior; however, at this point, while mother’s cry for missing children – one of whom is an American citizen -- I can find no words to rationalize his silence.








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