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Family DynamicsRelationships, grandparenting, and family.

Contacting Hospice

Rabbi Leon Olenick is a Board Certified Chaplain who works for Vitas in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Having to call in Hospice for someone we love is a very painful experience.  Watch this video and learn why reaching out to people like Rabbi Olenick can be helpful to the person who is leaving us as well as those who will feel the loss. 

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Best Family Relationships Online Information

Why does include a section called Family Dynamics? The answer is simple: Family Dynamics and Family Relationships rule our lives. As children, we learn to interact with each other in working out family problems. The way we learn to deal with a family change when we are children being cared for in our nuclear family can have an effect on how we raise our own children and possibly and maybe even probably will even affect our grand parenting skills 40 years later.

Family life is not static: A changing family, whether the change be simply moving to a new location or something as drastic as a divorce can have a traumatic effect on a young child. Family and Relationships developed within the family structure should not be minimized in any way. Families change. Babies are born and suddenly a child has someone else to share the spotlight with; parents divorce; a grandparent dies - or sometimes, sadly, a parent dies or becomes ill and, as a result, it is not unusual for there to be family dysfunction. There are grandparents who quite unexpectedly find themselves raising grandchildren.

Changing American Families: I think most of us will agree that relationships within families or families relationships in many instances are quite different than what we were accustomed to seeing as children. In our youth, marriage and family relationships consisted of one mother, one father and however many children. Today, while we still do see what we might call the "traditional" American family, we also see families that consist of one parent raising one or several children, two men or two women sharing the responsibility of raising their children, or even a single grandparent or grandparents raising their grandchildren. For those who find themselves handling difficult situations, there is no shame in seeking out couples therapy or marriage counseling or just asking questions of the psychologists writing for the website.

Family Change, Family Dynamics, Changing Family, Couples Therapy, Family Structure, Family Problems, Family Dysfunction and More has very qualified mental health personnel contributing to the website. The family information videos we prepare for the website cover situations as diverse as senior infidelity to grandparenting advice. Don't hesitate to take advantage of what TOS50 has to offer.

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