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Israel Strikes Back

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Trump Admits to Lie

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What's Happened to Rudy?

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Twitter Rains Hell on Jeff Sessions' New Religious Liberty Task Force

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July Market Update

The stock market’s focus on tariffs receded somewhat during July as second quarter earnings season is now well underway.  As expected, the surge in earnings growth is continuing (albeit at a modestly slower rate as compared to the first quarter), aided heavily by the corporate tax cut (though certainly not entirely).  In conjunction with stubbornly low interest rates despite Fed tightening as well as lower valuations due to this year’s correction, I am increasingly optimistic though by no means aggressively so.


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Best Senior Retirement Information

You are never too young to begin Retirement Financial Planning. However, if you are one of the very many people who did not do early retirement planning, and find yourself in need of some retirement planning tools to guide you in your financial planning for senior retirement, offers important retirement planning advice.

To begin with, the site offers a Retirement Calculator which helps you to understand what your retirement income should be. If you need retirement planning help for your personal retirement planning, reading the free retirement planning information on the website should be helpful to you. If you are seeking individual advice regarding your retirement investment planning, you can always contact one of our experts. Tell them you are seeking a guide to retirement planning – and be sure to tell them that you heard about them through the website.

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The senior retirement - home community community is not necessarily the senior retirement home community. Many of us in the retirement community are young and vibrant and interested in living what we consider to be the good life while we are retired for as long as we can. Senior living and/or retirement is not the same for everyone, and TOS50's many stories and videos make that clear. The videos that appear on our website are not just retirement videos, they are interesting and informative, but they are entertaining as well.

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