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We Say Goodbye to George H.W. Bush

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America Takes Pleasure in the Royals

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Greening & GardeningGo green and help the environment

Environmental Success Story

Green Jenine continues to work towards creating an environmentally healthy Planet Earth for us and for generations to come.

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Best Seniors Gardening Online Information has a particularly good Greening and Gardening section. The input from experts is extraordinary. This section is being run by Jenine Tankoos, daughter of the website's president, Sandy Tankoos. Jenine Tankoos is an environmental scientist and a wonderful teacher; not only does she dispense invaluable information herself, but she brings in extraordinarily qualified people to help you do your part to green our environment. One excellent feature of the Greening and Gardening Section is the Environmental Resource Guide that Jenine Tankoos has prepared. Print it off, I think it will be prove to be invaluable to you as we move forward in time and greening our environment becomes more and more important.

Energy conservation not only is important to conserve energy, but energy efficiency conservation will also save you money. The website includes videos on water conservation and water pollution, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL bulbs), which by definition are energy saving light bulbs, i.e., low-energy bulbs.

Do you have a home garden? Baby Boomers and seniors gardening is a very popular hobby for those of us who find that we now have more leisure time. First, go out and purchase proper garden tools. If you want to grow garden plants, a flower garden, herb garden or vegetable garden, having the proper tools will make it easier for you to be successful.

Home Garden, Energy Conservation, Low-Energy Bulbs, Garden Plants, Garden Trees, Garden Tools, Water Conservation and Pollution, How To Conserve Energy and More

More and more people are interested in organic gardening. It is important to speak to someone who understands gardening design and garden maintenance. The website actually features an experienced horticulturist who, when he is not busy gardening and running his gardening business, is working as a college professor at Rutgers University. His gardening videos that are available on the website will give you some gardening tips and important gardening techniques. If you want your gardening products, i.e., garden trees, plants and flowers, to look beautiful, and if you want your vegetables and herbs to taste fresh and delicious, garden watering is necessary, but how do you know how much water to use? After all, you can't just say "Grow Garden Grow" and expect to wake up to a magnificent oasis. Let the informative videos and articles in the Greening and Gardening section of be your garden guide. The site has much to offer and most people have a lot to learn.

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