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"Zero Dark Thirty" (+)

The film is a fictionalized account of the capture of Osama bin Laden. It took eight or more years of tracking him down to finish the job on President Obama's watch.
The movie makes it clear that torture was used to secure information needed to find him. The administrations of both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have taken the position that torture is not used by the United States when interrogating prisoners in the war against Islamic terror. Both administrations, I believe, exclude water boarding as an act of torture.
I recall the Bush administration publicly stating that an important secret was pried from a prisoner by the use of water boarding which lead to the killing of bin Laden. That secret related to the courier delivering messages to bin Laden, who was living in a house in Pakistan situated next to Pakistan's West Point. Most people have no doubt that the Pakistani army or special forces were protecting him. The actual capture of bin Laden by the Navy SEAL team, shown on news reports, was brilliantly done.
My own position on torture, including water boarding, is that torture should only be used when large numbers of American lives are on the line or when searching for a weapon of mass destruction. The film takes no position but clearly shows torture being applied.
I was unfamiliar with most of the cast members with the exception of James Gandolfini who portrays the CIA director and Jessica Chastain, (currently appearing on Broadway in "The Heiress") who plays the role of Maya, a CIA officer.
The last half-hour of the movie involving the actual attack on bin Laden's mini fortress is the most exciting part of the film. He was, of course, killed on the premises. Hooray for the Navy SEAL team.

Today is: February 19, 2018 - 6:34pm
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