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DACA - Important to Contact Your Congressional Representatives

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Trump bans transgender Americans from military service

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Aaron and his Monarch Butterflies

What's black and orange and flies further than any other insect on earth?  The Monarch Butterfly! This amazing creature, delicate but strong, makes an annual migration from the Oyamel forest of Mexico flying north for the summer and back again to Mexico in the fall.  The butterflies that make the return trip to Mexico are several generations removed from their relatives who made the migration North.  These Monarchs are born in the US but somehow know the way home to their forest in Mexico, a mystery science has yet to solve.

In this video, 8 year old Aaron speaks passionately about the Monarch Butterfly and why these beauties need our help now to save their migration.  Watch to see what Aaron has been doing to keep the migration alive and to learn how you too can help.   See Aaron release his newest Monarchs into the wild.


Today is: February 19, 2018 - 6:18pm
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