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Developing a Relationship with your Autistic Grandchild

one out of every 150 children born today is autistic.  No one understands why this has happened.  We plan to have more information about autism awareness available in the near future.  I believe that you will find Dr. Lusterman's interview regarding his relationship with his own autistic grandchild interesting and enlightening.
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June 17, 2010 - 12:18am

Dr. Don-David Lusterman

Dear Gigi, I hope this may be of help to your daughter. You point out that she is fearful of having an autistic child because there are autistic chilren in her cousins' network and she sees how difficult it seems to be to raise an autistic child. Although your attempt to find proof that autism is an inherited condition failed, you mention that Gigi, your daughter is convinced that there may be an inherited predisposition. You will find many articles that support her position. Children's Hospital Boston's website has an excellent article entitled "My Child Has Autism," The article indicates that the condition often occurs in several children in the same family, and may be associated with other neurological disorders. If you search "autism and genetics" you will find a number of very informative articles.

June 12, 2010 - 6:29pm

Gigi C

Dr. Lusterman, My daughter has 2 healthy children but is fearful of having a third child since two of my nieces have sons that appear to be autistic. Both little boys are very young and there is no definite diagnosis as yet, but the signs of autism are definitely present. My daughter now believes that there may be an inherited predisposition to autism in our family, and while she would like to try to have another child since she has two daughters and her husband would like a son, she believes she should not take the risk since she sees how difficult it is for her cousins to handle their children and she doesn't want to find herself in the same position they're in. I have gone on line and can't find any proof that autism is an inherited condition. Can you direct me to information on this topic? Thank you.

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